Impo & The Tents

Earworm-alert! IMPO & THE TENTS are hailing from Södertälje, Sweden’s breeding-ground of finest bubblegum-junkrock and serve you plentiful of hits with a “tongue-in-cheek”-weirdness which is tailored for lunkhead’s desires such as passing out, dropping out of school and kissing your beloved!

Just as if the Ohio Express or 1910 Fruitgum Company would have been beaten senseless with the ugly stick by the Dickies, then gotten all boozed up with the Beatnik Termites and finally a mustache painted on their faces from the Sloppy Seconds after passing out on the floor … Or in other words: Try to imagine the songwriting skills of powerpop-greats such as the Fast Cars, Favourites or Undertones combined with the weird and trashy attitude of nowadays US-garage-superstars like Nobunny, Hunx and his Punx or the Bare Wires – rousing uptempo endorphine-grenades, with no song surviving the two-minutes-time-limit, just perfectly designed to spill your beer all over the place! Still need a proof?! Well, then I’d just kindly advise you to give a listen to the awesome ”Going To The Moon”-7″ which just had been released on ”Timmeheiehumme Records”