The Diamond Man Clan

The Diamond Man Clan is the band with one foot in the
American South, influenced by both blues and bluegrass, and the other foot in Gothenburg, Sweden’s world famous rock legacy.

With that unique combination they have since their start in 2012 become a very popular live band, and the three last shows in Gothenburg have been sold out. And of those three, two were at the legendary rock venue Pustervik.

TDMC released their 11 track debut album ”What Sweden Needs” in 2013, which has been streamed over 150.000 times on Spotify. The band is currently working on the next recordings that will be released this fall.

The next album’s first part will remind you of the heavier parts of the debut, but even more defined, bombastic and groovy. It will be released on Alleycat Records in the autumn 2015.